Divorce for Ashely Judd and Dario Franchitti

February 1, 2013, by David P. Schwarz

Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti are separating after 11 years of marriage.

Judd's spokeswoman confirmed a Tuesday report from People magazine that the 44-year-old actress and 39-year-old Scottish race car driver are ending their marriage.

The star of such films as Double Jeopardy and Kiss the Girls says in a statement that the pair will "always be family" and will continue to cherish their relationship based on love, integrity and respect.

Last year, Judd starred in the ABC series Missing and attended the Democratic National Convention as a Tennessee delegate.

Franchitti has won the Indianapolis 500 race three times.

The couple wed in a private ceremony in Scotland in 2001.

From an Orange County Divorce Lawyer's perspective since these two were married for 11 years, this is considered a long term marriage in California. Unless there is a prenuptial agreement in place, someone will owe spousal support for more than half of the length of the marriage.

Since the couple do not have any children, there won't be any child custody, visitation or child support issues to deal with.

At any rate, contact an Orange County Divorce Lawyer for help on any divorce matter you need in Los Angeles or Orange County.

Source: Driver Dario Franchitti, actress Ashley Judd announce separation