Child Support Owed by Bachelor, Juan Pablo, according to reports

January 11, 2014, by David P. Schwarz

With the new season of The Bachelor that just started, we hear the news about the show and who he may end up with at the final rose ceremony, but does the current Bachelor, Juan Pablo, owe his ex-wife child support?

According to Reality TV World, Juan Pablo Galavis -- father to a daughter named Camila born in 2009 -- "was ordered to pay an outstanding balance of $3,574.57 in back child support payments by a judge in May 2011, according to court documents obtained by The National Enquirer.

Juan Pablo has been hoping that news of his court-ordered child support didn't get out because he doesn't want Bachelor fans finding out he's not the perfect father he portrays himself to be," a source told The Enquirer," reports the site.
Camila's mother is actress Carla Rodriguez, who was with Galavis for two years before they split. And even though the couple have had their differences, new reports suggest that Rodriguez is supportive of his new stint on "The Bachelor" -- even if it's only because she wants to keep the child support checks coming in.

"[Juan Pablo's] Bachelor bio glazes right over all the domestic issues that Juan and Carla have had over the years, but they've had their fair share of heated run-ins. I do question the fact that Camila is staying with Juan Pablo's parents in Los Angeles while he is taping. So, why would his ex need child support if he seems to have custody? Believe who you want, but this could put a major bump into the road of fame for The Bachelor Juan Pablo, which is clearly all he wants out of this deal!" reports Reality TV Rewind.

Either way, with all the fame and glory that come with being The Bachelor, child support payments need to be made. So, lets hope that Juan Pablo has taken care of his child support debt or there will be consequences.

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