Religious liberty did not grant three rabbis leeway to abduct Jewish husbands to force divorces from their wives, the Third Circuit ruled, upholding their kidnapping convictions. This case seems rather odd and appears to have nothing to do with divorces but more about extortion, robbery and burglary.  I dont understand how the only convictions on these violent men were not more than kidnapping. Normally a divorce can happen without proving anything to the court.  So these Rabbi’s thought it an easy target to threaten innocent men to get a divorce from their wives.

The 38-page amended ruling released Monday rejected a number of challenges by the three rabbis, including that the underlying FBI sting operation constituted “outrageous government conduct” and that their religion gave them the right to kidnap uncooperative husbands in the pursuit of a gittin, or religious divorce.

Mendel Epstein, Binyamin Stimler, and Jay Goldstein were all convicted in 2015 of operating a ring of rabbis and “tough guys” to help multiple Orthodox Jewish women kidnap their husbands to obtain a get, or divorce contract.

Tarek El Moussa and Christina El Moussa won’t be divorced anytime soon if swift action isn’t taken immediately.

It was reported on July 21 that the “Flip of Flop” duo’s divorce is on the verge of being thrown out because it’s not moving forward — Christina has reportedly not responded and Tarek hasn’t filed documents in months.  Usually california Law is very clear that a divorce petitions once filed and served needs to have a response done within 30 days after it is served on the other party.  It is unclear if a response has been filed but I assume that one has been done.  There might have been a hearing set to discuss certain divorce issues such as support and custody however, it looks like the couple has  dealt with those issues and they might be behind them.  Therefore anything the Court is looking at might be to take a hearing off calendar since the parties are cooperating with one  another.

Another issue involving divorce deadlines is the movement of the  case through the court system.  A stagnated case will be dismissed usually within 5 years.  However, the El Moussa’s case is relatively new so that probably is not the issue. There are certain requirements once the divorce is started that each party must abide by.  These would be the declarations of disclosure of  assets and liabilities.

Have you ever ignored your spouse’s text messages? Be warned: it could be used against you in court.

A woman in Taiwan has been granted a divorce, using the “Read” indicators on the Line messages she had sent to her husband as proof that he had been ignoring her.

The app showed he had opened the text messages, but didn’t reply to any of them.

Danielle Bregnoli’s dad says his estranged daughter is such a big shot making loads of dough he shouldn’t have to pay child support anymore. Normally when assessing the child support obligation of a parent we would need to look at the financials of both parents in order  to properly address the need and ability of the parents to pay or receive child support. The  question in this case involves the income of the child.

 In California the legislature has made it clear as to how child support will be determined .  Under Fam.C. § 3900 state legislature states it is the general obligation of both parents to support their minor children “in the manner suitable to the child’s circumstances.”
This general obligation is also reflected in a statement of legislative intent regarding application of the “statewide uniform child support guideline”  In implementing the guideline, courts “shall adhere” to the principles that  “[a] parent’s first and principal obligation is to support his or her minor children according to the parent’s circumstances and station in life”;and  “[b]oth parents are mutually responsible for the support of their children.” under [Fam.C. § 4053(a) & (b);

In the 1970s, Captain and Tennille were the ultimate strait-laced, soft rock power couple. With a string of gently upbeat hits, a variety show that emphasized their yin-and-yang chemistry, and a seemingly happy musical and legal marriage (they wed in 1975), Daryl Dragon (the Captain) and Toni Tennille appeared to be achieving the promise of their signature hit, “Love Will Keep Us Together.”

But as she writes in her new memoir, “Toni Tennille ,” the whole thing was a lie.

Interestingly they were married for so long and the public did not get any glimpse into the unhappiness of Tennille while she quietly suffered.  A divorce of this length would potentially have significant spousal support  issues.  However, if both parties  shared in the song credits they may have made equal income.

Joanna Krupa has filed for divorce from husband Romain Zago is an American businessman and nightclub owner. Romain Zago owns the Mynt Lounge club in Miami Florida. There four year marriage was on the rocks. They filed in Los Angeles county after the marriage broke down.

Joanna filed legal docs claiming the marriage is “irretrievably broken.”  All marriages in California usually state that their marriage is irretrievably broken.  It must be stated in the petition in order to actually get a divorce. It’s clearly not going to be contentious … according to court records, the couple hashed out who gets what in a Marital Settlement Agreement dated today, July 10, 2017. In a marital settlement agreement all he issues of the divorce will be put into an agreement that then will be filed with the court.  The agreement will fully encompass every issue of the divorce proceeding.

Both Joanna and Romain have agreed not to seek spousal support against the other. Since it is a short term marriage spousal support will not be a big issue.  Usually anyone who might pay will pay one half of the length of marriage. Its unclear who is the spouse who earns more money. Krupa is worth 8 million dollars. And Zago has a net worth of 16 million dollars.  Therefore, zago might be on the hook to pay support for 2 years.  Since Krupa is a working model she probably doesnt need the money however, that is not the criteria for determining spousal support.

Mr. Kelly had been accused of making a 27-minute sex tape with an under-age female. But a high-powered defense team convinced the jury of nine men and three women that the identity of the girl was not conclusive.

As the verdicts were being read on Friday, the singer started crying and whispering “Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus,” over and over again, his lawyers said.

A judge had ordered Mel B. to pay her estranged husband, Stephen Belafonte, $40,000 a month in temporary spousal support the Court finally ordered after this bitter and public spousal support dispute ran through the media.  Since this is quite a bit of money that means that Mel B. is earning quite a bit of money with all her projects. California Court system is geared to be gender neutral so it might seem that a man earning that much money from a women is ridiculous but it can be quite common in the family law court system where the Judges only look at your bank accounts not your gender.  In addition, the Court must have looked at the standard of living the couple enjoyed during their time together.  California Court must use this legal concept when deciding the amount of spousal support to be paid to the other spouse.  The former Spice Girls singer also has to pay her ex a one-time payment of $140,000 for attorney and forensic fees. The forensic costs are for any accountant who has to go through all the financial documents and history of both parties. It seems that Mel B might have a significant amount of income so that an accountant was necessary to evaluate her true income from all her business ventures.

Belafonte filed a request for emergency spousal support, claiming he needed help paying for food, housing and his phone bill. Interestingly in family law court there really is no emergency for economic rewards with the family law C0urt.  So its unclear how a judge awarded emergency spousal support if in fact they did just that.  Emergency ex parte orders are for child custody cases or cases where a persons safety is in jeopardy and money never is an emergency issue for the family lawy court.

Most divorces cost an arm and a leg if there is any assets to divide. That is why modernly divorce need to handled in a different approach if people are going to be able to continue getting a divorce and to make it work.

As the divorce process begins, it’s not uncommon for the spouse with the financial power during the marriage to declare war against their former partner by cutting off credit cards, hiding assets and hiring the most litigious attorney. However, one major impediment to the one party impeding the others financial resources is something called an atros which once the petition is filed prevents either party from cutting the other party off from financial support.  Those who can’t bear the cost of the battle, agree to a sub-par settlement, all because he or she can’t afford the steadily mounting bills or can’t take the stress of protracted litigation with someone who can afford to litigate a case to death.

Divorces do not have be litigious or expensive if either party decides to mediate and avoid court expenses.  very few cases head to trial where all the experts come out to testify.  Most cases just settle outside of court so any anticipated expenses are only the ones that figh it out. Complex divorces can be shockingly expensive. Attorneys can cost many hundreds of dollars per hour and require substantial retainers up front, and then you have to add on fees for divorce financial advisors, forensic accountants, vocational and valuation experts, and other professionals whose expertise you may require.

If you are going to get a Divorce in the U.S. Virgin islands the Florida family law applies.  That is what happened to a couple who are getting divorced and attempting to divide property in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  An appeals court has remanded a divorce case involving the value of a property in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

It seems Calvin Callwood was trying to divorce his wife Toleatha Callwood and filed an appeal in the 4th District Court of Appeal in a case involving after a trial court ruled that his net equitable distribution was $86,613, while his wife’s was $86,614. The trial court also said the husband and wife would each get 50 percent of the proceeds from the sale of their home, which was worth roughly $400,000. The trial court also granted the wife a property in the U.S. Virgin Islands called Estate Peterborg, according to court documents.

The husband argued that the property is worth $565,000 based on a tax assessor’s estimates. He said that it is likely the value would increase after an occupancy permit was issued. The wife said the value of the property was about $500,000 and when the property is occupied, its value could increase to $3 million to $5 million, court records state.