A Friendly Orange County Divorce?

A fascinating article reprinted last week in USA Today looks at the amicable divorce. Some might see this as the legal equivalent of a unicorn (everyone has heard of it, but nobody has seen one), but as the paper details – under the right circumstances – some couples can emerge from this most traumatic of legal proceedings with a comfortable long-term accommodation.

The piece cites several couples who, after their break-up, attend parent-teacher conferences and other parental activities together and have a basically friendly relationship. The article’s lead anecdote concerns a divorced father who stays in his ex’s guest room when he visits the couple’s 13-year old daughter in Arizona. The more mobile society modern America has become may have something to do with this. The father in question lives in Massachusetts and, as the paper notes, “staying with his former wife not only means he gets more time with [his daughter], but it saves money on hotels and rental cars, so he can afford to come more often.”

As the paper notes, however, “most divorces are still handled in the traditional way.” Most of the evidence of change, if any, in divorce trends is anecdotal. What the newspaper highlights, however, is the importance of skilled counsel whenever one sets out to dissolve a marriage.

An experienced Orange County divorce lawyer is your advocate, going to bat for you at all times and defending your interests aggressively. He or she should also, however, be an expert advisor, able to guide you to the result that you, the client, want to see at the end of the process.

A skilled Orange County divorce and family law attorney can offer you invaluable assistance as you embark on an Orange County divorce – a path that, however amicable, is almost always marked by tension and frustration. Parents who want to be certain they retain the right to the significant and substantive relationship with their children that they deserve (and to which they are entitled) need knowledgeable legal counsel. An experienced Orange County divorce lawyer can help you get the marital settlement best suited to your circumstances.

USA Today: For more couples, divorce can be on friendly terms