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A Very Unusual California Divorce Claim

Here’s an unusual twist on California divorce: according to a report in the San Mateo County Times, a Bay area man is suing the San Francisco airport, claiming noise from the planes landed him in California family court resulting in the end of his marriage and his loss of California child custody of the company’s triplets.

Sixty-year-old Stanley Hilton of Hillsborough (which is actually about two miles from the airport and, according to the newspaper, does not lie beneath the flight paths) appears to be suing everyone he can think of: the airport authority, the counties of San Francisco and San Mateo, the real estate agent who sold him and his wife their house and “dozens of airlines and jet manufacturers”, according to the newspaper’s report. He is seeking $15 million in damages. Hilton claims that “around-the-clock” jet noise from the airport prompted his wife to leave him, taking the children with her.

From an Orange County Family Law perspective, this case is a reminder of the strange and unexpected things that can happen as a relationship falls apart. An experienced Costa Mesa divorce attorney is your best insurance against wild claims, including Orange County child custody claims, by an estranged spouse.

If your husband or wife is determined to slow the California legal separation or California divorce process with legal maneuvers, a skilled Orange County family law lawyer can be a crucial ally in your fight for a fair settlement.

San Mateo County Times: Hillsborough man blames plane noise for divorce, sues SFO

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