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Aguilera’s California Divorce Official Now That Waiting Period is Complete

Christina Aguilera is officially single again. As we noted in a February post, her Los Angeles divorce settlement was finalized earlier this year. California, however, requires a six-month period of separation before a marriage can be formally dissolved. Those six months were up last Friday.

The legal details of the pop diva’s California divorce differed in some key ways from what we are accustomed to seeing in celebrity cases. It is much more common (see: anything related to the McCourts) for waiting periods to become essentially irrelevant because California’s statutory waiting period comes and goes while the couple are still thrashing things out via their attorneys and in court.

In Aguilera’s case, “in papers filed on February 9, 2011, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge determined… April 15 as the day the couple would finally, and formally, go their separate ways,” according to a report by the TV network and web news service MSNBC.

Interestingly, the network further notes that when Aguilera originally sought a divorce from her husband, Jordan Bratman, in October she listed September 11, 2010 as the date of their separation. The fact that the judge chose to put aside that assertion and start the six-month clock ticking from the date of the filing is a useful reminder for couples seeking a Los Angeles or Orange County divorce that such matters are ultimately the judge’s to decide. Put another way, those eager to re-marry quickly need to bear in mind that the timing may not be entirely theirs to control.

Issues of timing and procedure are among the most important aspects of an Orange County separation agreement or settlement, and are also areas where an Orange County divorce attorney can offer essential advice to clients, particularly those eager to move the process along quickly with an eye toward re-marriage.

MSNBC: Christina Aguilera’s Divorce a Done Deal

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