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Avril Lavigne and How California Divorce Can Impact Your Work

Reports emerged from Los Angeles last week that rock star Avril Lavigne’s divorce is behind delays in the release of her latest album. Lavigne and Deryck Whibley of the band Sum 41 married in California in 2006 but are now planning a divorce, according to All Headline News.

The problem is that Whibley is producing his soon-to-be ex’s as-yet-uncompleted album, and marital tensions between the two have reportedly caused their working relationship to deteriorate. On one level this should not be surprising. It is not even particularly unusual – Dodger’s owner Frank McCourt fired his estranged wife as the team’s president as soon as the couple filed for a California divorce last year. Lavigne’s situation does, however, highlight the difficulties of maintaining a professional relationship with a person whom you are also in the process of divorcing.

Tensions and complications such as these are among the situations an experienced and compassionate Orange County divorce attorney can help you work your way through. Even the cleanest and simplest Southern California divorce can be emotionally wrenching, making the help a skilled Los Angeles or San Bernardino County family law attorney can offer invaluable. Custody issues, the division of assets under California’s community property laws and other issues are always complex. A Costa Mesa family law specialist lawyer can help to ease you through the process.

All Headline News: Avril Lavigne’s divorce from Deryck Whibley affecting her album release date

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