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Billy Ray Cyrus Divorce Highlights Complications Some Couples Can Encounter

Late last week word broke in the celebrity press of the impending divorce of Miley Cyrus’ parents: country music star Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife Tish. The details, in some ways, were standard celebrity divorce fare: legal papers citing “irreconcilable differences”, a report that Billy Ray is seeking joint custody of Miley and her two minor siblings, statements issued through publicists acknowledging that this is a difficult time for the family and asking for public understanding.

Buried in all of this, however, was an interesting detail: the divorce papers were filed in Tennessee. How is that possible? As any quick search of the universe of Miley Cyrus-obsessed websites will tell you, the Cyrus family lives in a mansion in North Hollywood. Wouldn’t that make the parents California residents and, therefore, subject to a California divorce?

The idea of a California couple filing for divorce in another state – especially when the couple are celebrities seeking to avoid public scrutiny – is not unprecedented. As I noted last spring, Orange County residents Sandra Bullock and Jesse James filed their divorce papers in Austin, Texas.

Moving to a less prominent jurisdiction may or may not make matters easier, however. As with so many other things concerning California divorce, every couple – and every couple’s situation – is different. In the case of the Cyrus’, for example, there is not only the question of using Tennessee as a venue while the family lives in California, there is also the fact that the family’s main breadwinner – Miley – is a minor, for whom Tish functions as manager. The potential here for complicating discussions over child custory is obvious.

While Orange County divorce cases presenting this level of potential complexity are relatively rare they do highlight the importance of having experienced legal counsel in your corner at every stage of the divorce process. An experienced Orange County divorce attorney can be your most important ally in sorting through these and other complex legal matters.

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