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Brad Pitt Allegations of Child Abuse

As we all heard from the news Brad Pitt was being investigated for Child Abuse. Angelina Jolie made these accusations while Brad and the children were flying on their private jet.  The accusations were that Brad had confronted one of the children and had a face to face fight with his child.  The allegations further alleged there was a physical altercation.  The department of Child Protective services was involved and did the investigation.  As a result Brads contact initially with the children was limited.  In addition, Angelina filed for divorce and hired a law firm to handle her divorce which involved the custody and visitation of the children both she and Brad had together.

Once the investigation began Brad was interviewed by Social Workers and the FBI.  Brad consistently denied any physical altercation with his  child aboard the plane.  Witnesses were interviewed about what occurred.  Once the interviews were done the FBI and the Department of Social Services concluded Brad Pitt was innocent and the allegations were found to be untrue.  These type of investigations often can ruin a persons life especially when it comes to the custody and visitation of their children.  When a party to a child custody case flings accusations of child abuse the ramifications can be devastating for the other party, especially when they are false or malicious untruths.  Brad Pitt handled these accusations by Angelina Jolie extraordinary well.  He appeared not to panic and lash out at Angelina.  Instead he hired a lawyer and fought for visitation with his child while the investigation continued.  He handled himself rather well and in the end it will pay off for him.

During the investigation Brad Pitt had supervised visitation.  This type of visitation is a common method used by the Court system when investigations for child abuse occur.  It assists the party being investigated to get visits with his or her children and continues the contact that is necessary to keep a stable relationship with the children.  Although limited in time and quality of the visits supervised visits are a positive approach to a situation where it is unclear who is telling the truth about Child Abuse.

After the investigation is done whether it is inconclusive or is found to be true having supervised visits sets a base level of contact for the children with a parent.  Thereafter, the Court or the parties can alter the visitation after the claims of child abuse have been resolved.  In Brad Pitts case the visits will increase and eventually the supervised visitation will cease as well. Supervised visits are only used temporarily and not to be used as permanent method.  Children respond better to a parent that is free to take their child alone and spend quality time in an environment that is not confined to a location an limited time.

In concluding, Brad Pitt succeeded in handling the Child Abuse claims by Angelina Jolie very well.  He did not fight the process from happening.  Instead he cooperated and let the Department of Social Services and the FBI do their work.  In the end they found that Brad Pitt was innocent and thus Angelina Jolie had given information that was suspect at best.  Hopefully as the custody case between the parties unfolds in Court the Best Interest of the children will prevail and Brad Pitt will get a substantially better child custody arrangement.  But most importantly it is what is best for the children that counts in Court and I suspect what is best is that Brad Pitt get primary custody of the children.


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