California Budget Crisis Hits Family Law Courts

Los Angeles family law courts may be hit hard as budget cuts make their way from Sacramento down to the local level, according to an article published this week in the Los Angeles Times. The California budget crisis has hit every element of state and local government and, as the article details, its impact on the court system is only expected to grow. While the article focuses on Los Angeles County family courts and other LA County courts, many of the problems it highlights are being felt throughout the region, including in Orange County and its family law courts.

As budget cuts prompt slow-downs and furloughs in an already crowded court system, the assistance of an experienced Southern California family law firm takes on increased importance. Legal work related to a California divorce, Los Angeles custody or parental alienation action or an Orange County restraining order is complex. Even when courts are not backed up, clerks have been known to reschedule hearing dates over the tiniest of paperwork errors. An experienced Los Angeles family law attorney can guide you through this difficult process and work to assure that things are done correctly the first time.

The Times piece notes that in Los Angeles County, “plans to shut down as many as 14 of the county’s 43 family law courtrooms” are being examined. It adds that this could lead to eight LA County courthouses ceasing to handle family law matters entirely. The county’s courts have already been dealing with once-a-month closures and furloughs since summer.

All of this, of course, comes on top of the emotional stress that is frequently a part of any California family law action. The advice of a full-service Los Angeles family law attorney can be essential as you navigate this emotionally draining area of our court system.

Los Angeles Times: Top L.A. county judge warns of consequences of budget constraints