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California Child Custody Suit Lands Guy Fieri in the Middle

A recent Fox News article regarding a potentially bitter California child custody dispute noted that Guy Fieri, a well-known Food Network personality who also hosts a game show on NBC, has been pulled into the middle of a California child custody and father’s rights case pitting a parent against grandparents.

The network, citing the celebrity-watching website TMZ, reports that Fieri is looking after his 11-year-old nephew while the boy’s father and his maternal grandparents dispute custody. Fieri is reportedly vacationing “on a remote lake in Northern California with no cell service,” a remarkably convenient location for someone trying to keep a child out of the limelight and away from squabbling relatives.

The news network reports that the boy is the son of Fieri’s late sister, Morgan. Since her death last year Fieri and Morgan’s parents have sought custody of the boy claiming his father, Dain Pape, “should not get custody because he is ‘living out of his motor home’ and has no source of income.” In a victory for California father’s rights, a judge in Marin County “sided with Pape, ruling that he should have custody of his son, and the grandparents must return” the boy to him.

Any California custody dispute pitting parents against grandparents is tragic, and has the potential to be emotionally traumatic for every family member involved. It is important, however, that when a court rules in a father’s favor everyone else involved acknowledges that reality and abides by the court’s decision.

From the perspective of an Orange County fathers’ rights attorney it is important for clients to understand that open defiance of a court order is only likely to make a difficult situation worse. When a ruling is not in your favor the best course is to seek further legal advice and to work through the system. Similarly, if you are fortunate enough to win your case but then have trouble enforcing the court’s decision taking matters into your own hands should not be you first course of action. This is a situation where, again, skilled Orange County legal advice is the first thing you seek out before taking any action that might complicate an already difficult situation.

Fox News: ‘Minute to Win It’ Guy Fieri Dragged into Ugly Custody Dispute

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