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California Custody Emerges as Issue in Arquette Divorce

Reports on celebrity media outlets indicate that actress Patricia Arquette and her ex, Thomas Jane, are disputing Southern California child custody of their daughter. According to the website Contactmusic.com, the couple filed for a California divorce earlier this month in Los Angeles family court. According to the website, “Arquette… is seeking legal and physical custody of their seven-year-old daughter” but insists, through a spokesperson that “the split is completely amicable.”

Some observers expressed surprise that Arquette’s Los Angeles divorce is, in fact, going forward. The couple, married for four years, filed for divorce early last year only, a few months later, to withdraw the request that their marriage be dissolved.

Both that fact and the custody situation highlight a truism regarding Orange County and Los Angeles divorces. The assistance of an Orange County Divorce lawyer is especially important in situations where child custody is involved, but is also crucial when a couple’s own views on whether or not to dissolve the marriage are apt to change. On-again off-again situations like the one Arquette and Jane appear to be in pose special challenges and require particularly careful legal attention.

An on-and-off California divorce requires special attention because of the way a couple’s attitude toward one another can evolve over time. As noted, Arquette and Jane say their situation is currently amicable, but there is no guarantee that will continue to be the case, especially if the California divorce action drags on and child custody remains a subject of dispute.

An experienced Orange County divorce lawyer can advise clients even as their family law needs change and evolve. Whether your divorce is amicable or adversarial, the important thing is to have a skilled family law expert in your corner, defending your interests at every stage of the process.

Contactmusic: Patricia Arquette – Arquette seeking custody of daughter in divorce papers

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