California Divorce: Elon Musk Tells His Side of the Story

In the latest twist in what is becoming a large – and very public – Southern California divorce proceeding, businessman Elon Musk has published a long essay at The Huffington Post to, in his words, “correct” the public record about his California divorce from ex-wife Justine and his financial situation.

As I originally noted back in May, Justine, a successful novelist, has taken to blogging about her divorce, using the public forum of the internet to defend her contention that the couple’s post-marital agreement was “extremely harsh” and needs to be renegotiated. Several weeks later word began circulating in the business press that Musk was essentially broke – subsisting on loans from friends “and spending $200,000 a month while making far less.”

In his Huffington Post article Elon Musk, one of the founders of PayPal, seeks to address the image those reports created: of a man so rich that he felt he could not scrape by each month on what, for most Americans, is a head-spinning sum of money. While stating that “I never said… I was “broke” or even that I lacked considerable assets,” Musk claims that the vast majority of that monthly figure – $170,000 – is going to the accountants and lawyers working on his divorce-related issues. Another $20,000, he says, goes to Justine each month with the remaining $10,000 covering his own living costs. He also goes out of his way to defend his continued use of a private plane, saying it is essential to his work as head of both SpaceX, a company trying to bring commercial uses to space exploration and Tesla, an auto company that is preparing to launch an all-electric car aimed at consumers.

The on-going, very public, feuding of Elon and Justine Musk is a painful reminder of just how bitter and stressful some Orange County and Los Angeles divorces become. It is also a reminder how important it is to have an experienced Orange County divorce lawyer in your corner when entering this adversarial process. If your ex, or soon-to-be ex, is trying to complicate the California family law and divorce process or turn friends and neighbors against you by putting private details into the public domain, it pays to have an Orange County divorce attorney working on your behalf to correct the distortions.

The Huffington Post: Correcting the Record About My Divorce