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California Divorce Filing for Gilbert and Boxleitner

The 70s/80s TV star Melissa Gilbert and her actor-husband Bruce Boxleitner are heading toward a California Divorce according to the United Press International news agency.

UPI reports that Gilbert recently filed divorce papers here in the Los Angeles and Orange County area, citing the catch-all “irreconcilable differences” as her reason for wishing to end her 16-year marriage to Boxleitner. The news agency reports that the couple have a 15-year old son and that Gilbert’s California divorce filing requests joint custody of the boy. “The couple also has three grown sons from previous marriages,” the agency adds.

Intriguingly, the report notes that the 47-year-old “Gilbert is asking not to have to pay California spousal support to Boxleitner, 61.” Gilbert is best known for her work on a TV show, “Little House on the Prairie,” which went out of production in 1983. It is fair to say that Boxleitner, while not exactly a Hollywood A-lister, has been by far the more active an visible of the two for many years. The idea that she might owe him spousal support would imply that the residuals from “Little House” must be quite significant, or, perhaps, that she has developed less public money-earning activities over the decades (such as investing).

As I have written on many previous occasions, the example of celebrity couples seeking a Southern California divorce should not be dismissed as having little relevance for the rest of us. Think of Gilbert and Boxleitner not as celebrities but as a long-married, prosperous, two-income middle-aged couple with significant assets, and the situation is suddenly much more relatable.

An experienced Orange County divorce lawyer sees cases like this every day. When choosing legal representation the question you need to ask is whether your Orange County attorney is experienced in cases similar to your own, whether he/she is detail-oriented and whether you have some rapport together. Sorting out assets, child custody and other issues is rarely simple, particularly for those who have built up a large stock of California community property over the course of a long marriage. It is, however, the place where a good Orange County divorce and family law attorney is most needed – and can be the greatest help.

UPI: Gilbert files for divorce from Boxleitner

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