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California Divorce finalized for Reynolds and Johansson

It took six months to wrap-up Ryan Reynolds’ and Scarlett Johansson’s two-year marriage. As America headed into the Fourth of July weekend, US Magazine and other celebrity-watching publications reported that the celebrity couple finalized the Los Angeles divorce Reynolds filed for last December.

In the aftermath of the couple’s break-up Reynolds told an interviewer that things had “changed” between him and Johansson in the wake of their 2008 wedding in his native British Columbia, US reports.

The website News Vindication.com reports that the couple did not have a California prenuptial agreement. As a result, “they split all their property and earnings that accumulated during their marriage evenly,” the site says. This fact provides a useful remainder of the nature of California’s community property laws. While they are often popularly believed to apply instantly to everything each partner brings into a marriage the fact is that California law distinguishes between assets earned or acquired during the marriage and property each spouse has at the time of the wedding. Few details of the couple’s final Southern California divorce settlement have made it into the media, but it is known that they purchased an expensive home in Los Angeles shortly before the divorce.

From the perspective of an Orange County divorce lawyer it is worth noting that amid the usual array of loud and messy celebrity divorces Reynolds and Johansson managed to keep their romance, marriage and, ultimately, their break-up fairly low-key. This should offer a degree of reassurance to the rest of us that even an Orange County divorce that might seem destined to become messy and public can be carried out relatively quietly and amicably.

Your divorce lawyer’s job is to defend your interests and help guide you through the often confusing world of California and Orange County family law, but it is also to see that things become no messier or more contentious than they need to be.

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