California Divorce for Chris Pontius Follows Lengthy Separation

Celebrity-watching website reports that Claire Nolan, the wife of Jackass star Chris Pontius, has filed for a California divorce in Los Angeles family court. One surprising revelation contained in the filing: the couple “officially separated” nearly two years ago, in 2009, a fact that had not previously been widely reported. She is officially seeking the divorce on grounds of “irreconcilable differences.”

The couple married in 2004, a year after meeting while Pontius was promoting the first Jackass film in Ireland. Pontius, who goes by the name “Party Boy” in Jackass projects, later hosted a Jackass spinoff series, Wildboyz, and has also appeared in several non-Jackass movies, according to Gather.

Media reports on the couple’s break-up answer few of the questions we usually have when a celebrity couple splits: whether or not there is a pre-nuptial agreement, whether one spouse (Claire, presumably) is requesting support from the other, how the couple’s division of assets will be accomplished. Pontius and Nolan have no children, so Los Angeles or Orange County child custody and visitation will not be an issue as their divorce action moves forward.

It is safe to speculate, however, that spousal support will enter the Los Angeles divorce equation sooner rather than later. It is rare to hear of a non-famous celebrity spouse not seeking to avail him or herself of the spousal support provisions of California family law.

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Pop Eater: ‘Jackass’ star Chris Pontius’ wife files for divorce