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California Divorce for Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown

According to several celebrity publications Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown (aka “Mel B”, aka “Scary Spice”) and her husband Stephen Belafonte, a Hollywood producer, are headed toward a California Divorce. The British newspaper Metro reports that Belafonte “has spoken to lawyers in Los Angeles about a divorce.”

Unsurprisingly for a foreign publication, there is no indication whether “Los Angeles,” in this case, means LA proper or refers to some other part of Southern California such as Orange County. Because Belafonte is American and Brown is British there is also the possibility that the divorce might go forward in England, though, until now, there has been no public indication of this one way or the other. A friend of Brown told Metro that the former Spice Girl wants to move back to England “on a more permanent basis,” a sentiment echoed by a friend of Belafonte’s in remarks to the US celebrity website Contactmusic. The couple have been married for three years. They have no children together, though Brown has a daughter from an earlier relationship with Eddie Murphy.

Here, therefore, we have a situation where a lack of children may simplify the Los Angeles or Orange County divorce process somewhat, even as the international nature of the marriage threatens to complicate it. It is also unclear whether or not Brown and Belafonte have a California prenuptial agreement.

Brown and Belafonte’s situation, in other words, is a useful reminder of the many potential pitfalls and complications associated with any Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino County or Ventura County divorce. Even when a prenuptial agreement exists, division of assets is not always a straightforward process. As Sandra Bullock’s recent divorce has demonstrated, a spouse’s child from an earlier relationship can sometimes bond with a step-parent in ways that make visitation an issue despite the absence of a biological or legal parent-child relationship. And, of course, there is the question of how an international couple will handle venue questions when they decide the time has come to dissolve their marriage.

All of these are issues that require skilled legal advice. An Orange County divorce attorney can offer such advice, along with a full range of Orange County and Southern California family law services. Engaging experienced counsel as early as possible in the divorce process is an essential first step toward protecting your rights as an Orange County divorce moves forward.

Metro: Mel B ‘splits from husband Stephen Belafonte’

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