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California Divorce Papers Reportedly Signed by Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller

A variety of celebrity websites are reporting that Charlie Sheen and his wife, Brooke Mueller, have signed divorce papers. According to the site PopEater, however, the couple’s California divorce settlement agreement has not yet been formally submitted to a court for consideration.

The couple’s marriage began to unravel last Christmas when police were called to a residence in Aspen. Sheen is now facing domestic abuse charges in Colorado. In the wake of that incident Sheen and Mueller’s progress toward divorce, and a Southern California family law court, has been swift.

The California divorce settlement may be filed in Orange County or elsewhere in the region. According to HollywoodNews.com, the document stipulates that the couple will share custody of their 15-month old twin boys, with Sheen paying $55,000 a month in child support. Media reports say the settlement specifically says that Mueller’s level of child support may not be lower than the sum Sheen pays to his first wife, Denise Richards. In addition to the child support, Mueller will reportedly receive a large cash payment, as well as having Sheen buy out her equity in their home (Sheen will keep the house itself).

Celebrity divorces in Orange County, Los Angeles or elsewhere in Southern California can often seem far-removed from the lives the rest of us live. In fact, their basic outlines are often little different from anyone else’s and, as such, highlight the important role that having the right Orange County divorce lawyer plays in the process.

An experienced Orange County child custody and divorce attorney should be both an aggressive advocate for your interests and a knowledgeable advisor on the complexities of California family law. Dividing up assets, establishing an equitable level of child support and negotiating custody arrangements are as important to you as they are to any celebrity. Ensure that your settlement protects your interests by utilizing the services of a comprehensive Los Angeles and Orange County family law practice at every stage of the California separation and divorce process.

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