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California Divorce Reportedly Finalized for Christina Aguilera

When last we left the soon-to-be-California-divorced Christina Aguilera and her husband Jordan Bratman they were feuding over his refusal to move out of their home (see this December post by my colleague, Winiviere Sy). Now, according to the celebrity press, the couple have finalized their California divorce settlement.

Under California law a divorce cannot be final until at least six months have elapsed since the initial filing of court papers. Thus, according to E! Online, the Aguilera-Bratman divorce is now set to become official on April 15. The website writes that the couple “have reportedly reached financial and custody agreements that will presumably make the next couple of months of their “marriage” go down easier.”

The site reports that the couple, who have been married a bit over five years, have agreed to a Southern California child custody arrangement under which they will share custody of Max, their son, who is three. A statement from Bratman did not elaborate on financial arrangements, but said that money issues have been “resolved by signed agreement.” That would at least imply that non-financial issues – such as who gets the house – have been settled as well.

The negotiation of California divorce settlements and child custody arrangements can be difficult in the best of circumstances. That fact alone makes the choice of a divorce lawyer in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Bernardino or elsewhere in Southern California a particularly crucial step. While it is possible for couples to negotiate financial, custody and support issues by themselves it is rarely advisable. An experienced Orange County divorce lawyer can be an essential partner and advisor, ensuring that whatever you eventually agree to is fair and protects your rights.

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