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California Divorce reportedly not Shaq’s Preference

Following-up a story I blogged about last month, basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal is reportedly trying to get his California divorce proceedings moved to Florida.

As I noted in a November 17 post, Shaq’s wife Va’shaundya reportedly flew to California from their home in Florida only days before filing California legal separation papers in Los Angeles family court. The widespread assumption has been that Va’shaundya was seeking to establish California residency in an effort to obtain a more favorable divorce settlement. According to The Cleveland Leader (Shaq plays for the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers), Shaq has now filed California court papers of his own arguing that the couple live in Florida and that the case should be thrown out.

As a rule, a person seeking a California divorce must have been resident in the state for six months. Because Va’shaundya is seeking a California legal separation, however, that requirement does not apply.

The couple’s situation highlights the complex nature of residence as a factor in California divorce proceedings. One need not have the O’Neal’s wealth or prominence for the question of where a spouse lives to become a factor in an Orange County or Los Angeles County divorce proceeding. Jurisdiction is one of the many complicating factors that an experienced Orange County divorce lawyer can help you sort through as you move forward with – or are forced to defend yourself in – a California divorce. Consulting with a Southern California divorce lawyer as early in the process as possible an essential step in protecting your interests as an Orange County, Los Angeles County or San Bernardino County divorce makes its way through the legal system.

The Cleveland Leader: Shaquille O’Neal Wants Divorce Proceedings Moved to Florida

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