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California Father Charged with Child Abduction After Custody Dispute

A California father is in police custody facing charges of child abduction after allegedly kidnapping his infant son. While this case is unfolding well to the north of Orange County, it is emerging as an object lesson in how a California father who believes his rights have been violated should not act when confronted by legal setbacks.

According to the Associated Press, a statewide Amber Alert was issued last month when 10-month-old Elijah Rivas went missing. The boy’s father, Edgar Ramos, age 19, was immediately the central suspect in the case. “Authorities say Ramos took his son… from outside the child’s mother’s home in Riverdale. The mother had told him she had obtained a restraining order temporarily giving her sole custody of Elijah,” the news agency reports.

Area television station KMPH reports that Ramos allegedly took the child to his parents’ home near Fresno. His parents eventually convinced him to give up the boy. It was they who called the police. Elijah was not hurt at any time during the incident.

While we assume that the frustration level with one’s ex needs to be pretty high before any parent would abduct a child in defiance of a court order, it needs to be stressed that actions like these are never a good idea. Southern California father’s rights cases can be difficult, and leave many dads feeling they are fighting an uphill battle against the system. It is important to understand, however, that taking the law into one’s own hands almost invariably makes things worse.

Consulting with an Orange County father’s rights attorney who can offer detailed, thoughtful advice on California child custody and visitation issues is a far superior approach, whatever one’s frustrations with the legal system may be. Having an attorney in your corner who knows the specialized ins-and-outs of Los Angeles and Orange County family law is the best way to ensure that your point of view is represented and your rights are protected by our legal system.

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