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California Father’s Rights Questions Raised by Tennessee Bill

A bill currently being considered by the Tennessee state legislature has attracted the attention of father’s rights advocates nationwide, and promises to add new vigor to the debate over California father’s rights.

According to a recent article in USA Today, as well as local Tennessee media reports, the proposed legislation would require judges hearing contentious child custody cases to split custody evenly between the mother and father if the parents are otherwise unable to resolve their differences. Father’s rights groups across the country have hailed the initiative while, according to USA Today, “an alliance of women’s groups, some judges and the Tennessee Bar Association… say the change would make divorces tougher to settle and give abusive ex-husbands leverage they shouldn’t have.”

The Tennessee controversy echoes the father’s rights debate we are currently having here in Orange County and elsewhere in California as our own legislature considers California parental alienation legislation. It is unfortunate that some partisan voices are skewing these legislative debates by implying that Orange County or Los Angeles father’s rights advocates are, by definition, attempting to protect the rights of abusers. According to a University of Memphis law professor quoted by USA Today, the proposed law would make Tennessee unique in the nation in “requiring clear, convincing evidence that one parent is unfit before dividing child custody unequally.”

The immediate controversy generated by measures like these, be they in California or Tennessee, highlights the importance of having a strong California father’s rights lawyer on your side during any Orange County child custody and visitation dispute. It is unfortunate, but sadly true, that many spouses will attempt to paint a biased and unfair picture of the other during an Orange County divorce proceeding. Effective and experienced Orange County legal representation is your best defense in such a situation, where a spouse or ex-spouse may be trying to press a California parental alienation claim against you.

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