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California Guardianship Ends for Frances Bean Cobain

According to TMZ, the guardianship of Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of Courtney Love, expired last Wednesday, August, 18, 2010, when she turned 18 years old. Since December of 2009, Frances Bean was under the temporary guardianship of her paternal grandmother. It’s no secret that Frances’ mother, Courtney Love, has had some drug related problems, thus necessitating the need for a guardianship. Although TMZ is reporting the guardianship expired when Frances turned 18, it is interesting to note that the actual Order Appointing Temporary Guardianship specifies an expiration date of February 10, 2010, 6 months prior to Frances’ 18th birthday. Not so sure why.

At any rate, I previously blogged about the instances of when a guardianship is necessary. I also outlined the duties of a guardian. If you are exploring California guardianship options, contact an Orange County guardianship attorney for more information.

Source: Courtney Love’s Daughter— Free At Last!

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