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California Legislation: Ex-spouse not entitled to collect financial rewards in divorce

A bill was heard the past Tuesday wherein a State legislative committee sought to close what its author claims to be a loophole in California’s no-fault divorce rule. In part, the legislation will specify that spouses who solicit the murder of their soon to be ex-spouse are not entitled to collect financial rewards during divorce proceedings.

The bill was enacted because of the facts concerning John Pomroy, a police detective. His wife collected about $70,000 from their estate after she was released from prison in 2004. His wife allegedly became addicted to painkillers, alcohol and drugs. The couple subsequently separated when his wife became physically abusive. Pomroy eventually moved out of the former family residence and was awarded custody of the children. When the wife faced the loss of her kids and lack of financial support from her husband, she hired members of the Vagos motorcycle gang to kill Pomroy while he was on duty.

The Califrnia Family Code states that if spouses are convicted of murdering or attempting to murder their husband or wife, they are not entitled to reap any financial benefits during divorce proceedings. However, in the event they hire someone to murder their spouse, the victims’ assets are not protected.

The bill would amend the law to include husbands or wives who solicit the murder of their spouse.

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Source: Bill Targets “Hitman” Loopholle in California Divorce Law

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