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California Spousal Protection Bill Approved

A new bill was approved by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger stating that spouses who solicit the murder of their husbands or wives cannot collect benefits at the time of divorce. The bill was created in response to the story involving Pomona police detective, John Pomroy. Pomroy’s ex-wife collected about $70,000 from the California community property estate after she was convicted of soliciting a hit man to murder him back in 2003. In light of the new bill that has been passed, if either spouse solicits the murder of the other spouse, the solictor will not be able to collect half of the community property assets at the time of dissolution. In California, all property acquired by the parties during the marriage with community property funds is divided equally at the time of divorce. All property acquired by gift, inheritance or other separate property source is considered the recipient’s separate property.

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Source: Schwarzenegger approves spouse protection bill

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