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California spousal support picture is changing

Changing work patterns and the economic downturn are creating new Southern California divorce issues – some of which would have been unheard-of even a short time ago. These highlight your need for an experienced Southern California spousal support attorney when you set out to negotiate the end of a marriage.

The idea of men receiving California spousal support (as alimony is known in California) from their ex-wives used to be virtually unheard-of. A divorce settlement requiring the actress Joan Collins to send her ex a monthly check made national headlines back in the 1980s. More recently, the actress Anne Heche publicly complained that she could no longer afford the $15,000 per month in spousal and child support she owes her ex-husband.

While it is still unusual for men to receive support when a marriage ends, the practice is becoming more common, and is certainly no longer confined to Hollywood celebrities. More and more marriages are two-income households. The economic downturn has made cases in which women, as a family’s main breadwinner, are being asked to support their ex-husbands increasingly common. According to a recent report by ABC News around 13,000 American men now receive alimony payments from their ex-wives, up from about 7,000 in 1998.

California child support and California spousal support issues are often linked, which is why anyone considering a California divorce needs to begin the process by seeking out the services of an experienced California family law attorney.

Statistics published by the federal Department of Health and Human Services indicate that new requests for help collecting California child support were up 11.5% in the 2008 fiscal year. At the end of that period the government was still trying to enforce the collection of more than $19 billion in unpaid California child support.

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