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California Visitation rights for Fathers

Here in California,so long as you have the time and are a good parent, there is no reason why Fathers in California cannot spend 50% of the time with their children. So long as your work schedule can accommodate and you fathers feel comfortable spending more time with your kids, you can certainly request that a court award you 50% joint legal and joint physical custody.

You may be thinking what kind of visitation schedule will afford me 50% custody? Here are a few options:

1. Week on/week off: Some parents enjoy spending time with their kids on a week-on/week-off basis. This means one parent will have custody of the kids for one full week and then the other parent will get the kids the next week. Custodial exchanges can be on any day of the week, but typically most parents choose Sunday evening.

2. 2-2-3 Schedule: If you cannot bare not seeking your child during the week, the next option is a 2-2-3 schedule, which offers parents days to see their kids each week. This means one parent will have custody of the kids on a Monday and a Tuesday, the other parent will have custody on a Wednesday and a Thursday. Then, both parents will alternate the weekends from Friday to Sunday.

These are the two most popular choices for fathers seeking more visitation or custodial time with their kids. Contact an Orange County Father’s Rights lawyer for more information.

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