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Can where you live have an affect on marriage and divorce?

According to a recent article I just read about, people living in Pennsylvania are both marrying and divorcing at a lower rate compared to the rest of the country. The article claims that people who marry later in life have a greater chance of staying together. Additionally, sociologists have found that factors such as age, income, religion and education can all play key roles in the timing and success of a marriage.

A Census Bureau family demographer, Diana Elliot, also claims that relatively high percentage of people who pursue degrees in the Northeast are presumably a primary reason for lower marriage and divorce rates.

“Part of what’s going on is that people don’t get married until their education is complete” and they’ve started getting a footing in their careers, said Ms. Elliott, who worked on the report, “Marital Events of Americans: 2009.”

The statistics show that for every 1,000 Pennsylvanians in 2009, 15.5 men and 14.3 women reported getting married in the prior 12 months. The marriage rate (per 1,000) nationwide was 19.1 among men and 17.6 among women, the report said.

In addition, 7.7 of every 1,000 men and 7.4 women were within their first year of divorce. Nationally, the divorce rate was 9.2 among men and 9.7 among women.

Further, people in my age group are getting married later in life— first establishing their careers and getting grounded in their home life. Like the article stated, such factors contribute to longer marriages and lesser divorce.

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Source: Marriage works better in Pennsylvania

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