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It seems that religious freedoms and speech are at the forefront of a family oriented issue.  Texas Senate approved a bill that permits private adoption agencies basically to discriminate based on religion.  Obviously we are dealing with 1st amendment and religious establishment clause issues.  However, with the conservative movement that is currently in the United States.

The measure allows publicly funded foster care and adoption agencies to refuse to place children with non-Christian, unmarried or gay prospective parents because of religious objections. This appears to be very discriminatory and very disturbing.  Adoption should be looked at through the children who dont have parents perspective.  They are seeking to find a family to love and cherish them unconditionally as a child with parents.  They are not looking for a religion or whether they are gay or not. I think this law misses the point of what an adoption is in place for.

The bill that passed through the Texas Senate was called “Freedom to serve children Act.” unfortunately, its unclear how denying qualified adoptive parents the opportunity to provide a nurturing family for a child who does not have a family as beneficial is not clear. South Dakota is the only other state that permits religious and gay discrimination for adoption placement.

The appellate court vacated a family law courts decision awarding an adoption to the Tammy and Edward Dalsing who had cared for Braelynn Pucket who is three years old since she was weeks old.  They were granted an adoption and became adoptive parents until the biological father Andrew Jack Meyers went to court and filed and appeal. The appellate court stated,  “We vacate the family court’s finding that father’s consent was not required for the adoption and the family court’s order granting foster parents adoption of child,” reads the appellate court opinion. “We find the record does not contain clear and convincing evidence showing father willfully failed to visit child.”

“[Myers] was never in court – he was never allowed to come,” his lawyer, Melinda Butler, told Fox News in February. “He was incarcerated in another state and was never transported.”

At the time Braelynn was placed in the care of the Dalsings, Myers was incarcerated in Virginia on two contempt of court charges, two fraud, bank notes or coins charges and one probation violation.