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Natalie Maines is untieing the knot with her husband. She is famous for her political dislike of George Bush and Donald Trump.  She also is famous for her remake of the song Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. She also was part of a famous band from Houston, Texas,  The Dixie Chicks. Her husband is Adrian Pasdar who is famous for being an American actor and voice artist. He is known for playing Jim Profit on the TV series Profit, for his roles in Near Dark, Carlito’s Way, Mysterious Ways and as Nathan Petrelli on Heroes.  Natalie Maines filed her petition for divorce on Friday, June 30.

Maines, 42, and Pasdar have been married for 17 years. They wed in June 2000 at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas after hitting it off at fellow Dixie Chick Emily Strayer’s 1999 nuptials to Charlie Robison. The singer was a bridesmaid, and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D actor, 52, was a groomsman.

The breakup is “a private family matter,” according local media establishments.

Alex Jones a right wing talk show host in Austin Texas is currently embroiled in a child custody battle.  Apparently he is quite outspoken and his on show persona is now in question.  The child custody battle with his wife Kelly Jones is using his outlandish character on air he demonstrates and bringing it to Court.   She is using his work persona and claiming that it reflects his parenting skills.  This accusation is quite effective in modern Child Custody battles where public figures or public comments or social media statements are used against a parent in a Child Custody battle.

Interestingly Kelly Jones the mother is not the primary custodian of the her three children. Alex Jones has been the primary custodian of the three minor children.  Recently the mother Kelly Jones has launched a change in custody bid against Alex Jones the sensational talk show host.  The Rollingstone Magazine has labeled him “the most paranoid man in America.”  In addition, he has questioned the landing on the Moon.   He has falsely accused high ranking members of the Democratic party of being involved in a Satanic Child Porn ring.  He did later apologize for the false accusations.  His outlandish behavior will and should be brought to the attention of the Child custody Judge.

Apparently the Judge has taken notice of his erratic and absurd behavior and has let Kelly Jones offer and bring evidence of Alex Jones use of marijuana with Joe Rogan on a podcast. Often Child Custody judges will defer to the children and have a child custody investigation begun to further investigate if the behavior of Alex Jones has influenced his parenting skills.

Often parents caught in a custody dispute find themselves entering into custodial arrangements that fit their work schedule it may or may not work for assisting in your childs homework assignments.  Often the parent might get a day that is a busy homework day for their child. And if this happens the busy child and parent must somehow get the homework done.  That might mean late night hours when no one wants to stay up and burn the midnight oil.  Courts always state the custodial parent has the responsibility to  make sure the homework gets done.  What happens is the parent potentially gets a midweek visit and fails to follow through with the day to day activities of the child.  Often a parent might neglect these duties because they feel they are not the primary custodian of the child and do not have to help or make sure homework gets done.

A Court in New Jersey recently visited this issue when a parent getting a midweek overnight visit did not make sure his child got their homework done for school.  The Court did not like this type of behavior exhibited by the parent getting the midweek visit and determined that in the Best Interest of the child standard that the midweek could be cut from the schedule for that parent.

The Best interest Standard determines what is the best situation for visitation and custodial time for the child.  If one parent cannot maintain what is in the best interest of the child then the Court has broad discretion to alter or eliminate those midweek visits.  In fact, it is very important to become very interested in your child’s school activities.  This includes homework and also knowing the teachers and classes the child attends.  An interested parent becomes a more suitable parent for child custody purposes.  Despite having limited time with a child a parent should not neglect schoolwork.

If you ever wanted to know the 411 about child custody evaluations, here is a great article on the basics:

In family law cases, the central focus in all child custody and parenting decisions is the best interests of the child. Ideally, parents should consult with one another and reach those decisions together. But it is not always clear what, exactly, is best for a child. What if the parents can’t agree?

Generally, if the parties to a divorce agree to child custody arrangements, the court will likely approve those arrangements and enter an order ratifying the parties’ agreement. However, if the parents are unable to work things out between themselves with the help of their lawyers and/or their mediator, the court must determine what is in the best interests of the child and make a ruling to settle the controversy. One of the chief tools the judge may rely on to make his or her decision is a child custody evaluation. Various third party professionals (a Guardian Ad Litem, a psychologist, a social investigator, or a combination of same) may become involved to conduct an investigation and make recommendations to the parties and/or the court as to what is in the child’s best interests.