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Child Custody Dispute- Father awarded $6.1 Million

In Nashville, Tennessee, a Judge ruled that a father, Christopher Savoie, be awarded $6.1 million from his ex-wife, who abducted the minor children to Japan and never returned to the United States. Good luck collecting the award as its highly doubtful the mother will have $6.1 million lying around to hand over to the father. The ex-wife, Noriko Esaki Savoie, apparently took the kids to Japan in 2009 and never returned. Thereafter, a Tennessee court issued a warrant for her arrest and awarded the father full custody. Despite the forgoing, said court order had no effect because Japan has not signed an international treaty governing child abduction. Such a sad situation once again.

Father has apparently traveled to Japan to get the children returned but has been unsuccesful.

From an Orange County divorce lawyer’s perspective, such child custody disputes can get very ugly. Once a parent abducts the children to a foreign country, criminal consequences are now put at issue. We have seen stories like Savoie’s time and time again and it seems like there is no recourse if said country does not sign an international treaty.

This is why it is important to have a Los Angeles or Orange County family law attorney assisting you throughout the duration of your divorce. Such abductions could be avoided if an aggressive child custody attorney is there to assist.

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Source: $6.1 M awarded in Japan child custody battle

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