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Child Custody Issue involving R&B Singer, Usher

Usher’s ex-wife, Tameka Raymond, file court papers in George asking for a change in the parties’ current child custody order. Tameka Raymond is requesting full custody of the couple’s children plus an increase in child support payments. Presently, the couple share joint physical custody of the kids. Raymond is alleging that Usher traveled with the children outside of the state without her permission and hired nannies without her permission. In response, Usher has filed court documents requesting that the court dismiss Raymond’s requests, stating that the facts set forth in Raymond moving papers are false.

From an Orange County divorce lawyer’s perspective, after a California dissolution of marriage action has been finalized, if children are involved, any party can modify a child custody and visitation order. However, the standard is high in that there must be a change in circumstance to justify the modification.

Additionally, if the court grants a change in child custody, the person who obtains more custody should go in and modify child support. The more time a party spends with a child, the less child support is owed.

If you have a child custody or visitation issue in Los Angeles or Orange County, contact an Orange County child custody lawyer for more information.

Source: Usher responds to custody claim

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