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Child Support and Contempt Issues for Mark Blount

We previously blogged about the consequences of one’s failure to pay child support in our Orange County Contempt section. Now, the mother of his children claim that Blount missed one child support payment and is requesting he be held in Contempt of court. The mother, Sifika Mayfield, claims that Mark is supposed to pay $5,119 a month — but in January, he only paid $2,500. Now, Mayfield wants a judge to put Blount in jail and revoke his driver’s license.

However, Blount filed his own legal documents, claiming the reason he paid less child support is because one of his sons now lives with him … and Blount personally pays for his schooling. Blount is requesting that the child support payments be modified given the new living arrangements.

From an Orange County divorce lawyer’s perspective, if there is a change in child custody (i.e. one of the children who formerly lived with one parent moves in with the other parent) there will be a change in child support. Blount has every reason to request a modification in his child support payments because one of his kids now lives with him.

Additionally, Mayfield is also requesting that Blount be held in Contempt because he missed one child support payment. However, as I blogged before, Blount would have to meet some standards in order to be held in Contempt. They are as follows:

(1) There must be a valid order;
(2) The citee must have knowledge of the order;
(3) The court must find that the citee had the ability to comply with the order;
(4) To be held in contempt, the accused party must have willfully disobeyed the order
For more information on any Orange County or Los Angeles County child support or Contempt issue, contact an Orange County divorce lawyer for more information.

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