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Child Support and Spousal Support Issues for Warren Sapp

Warren Sapp’s soon to be ex-wife has filed papers in court alleging that football star, Warren Sapp, is behind on his child support and spousal support payments. Sapp has denied he is behind on child support but states he may be a litte behind on his spousal support payments.

Sapp’s ex-wife filed legal documents in Florida claiming that Sapp is behind $728,100 in child support and spousal support. It has been reported that Sapp feels his spousal support payments are too high and is likely seeking a downward modification of same.

From an Orange County divorce lawyer’s perspective, if Sapp believes his spousal support payments are too high, why does he not feel his child support payments are too high as well? If you are going to modify spousal support, you can do the same for child support. Afterall, in California, support amounts are based on each parties’ gross monthly income (among other factors) and timeshare with the child if child support is involved.

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Source: Warren Sapp– I’m No Deadbeat Dad

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