Child Support: New Support Group Helps Men pay Child Support

This is a clever idea! Initiating a support group for men to help them pay for child support is a step in the right direction. As I previously discussed countless times on this blog, one’s failure to pay child support has dramatic consequences. If an obligor fails to pay, the obligor could get his or her driver’s license taken away, passport held or even jail time. Yikes! It’s not a pretty situation to be in once the Department of Child Support Services takes your license away, Passport away or puts you in jail. Any one of these measures prevents the obligor from actually going out and getting a job to contribute to child support.

Now, the nonprofit Men’s Empowering Resource Center has introduced a Responsible Fatherhood Program. The Program will help men meet their child support obligations. According to Alamance County Child Support Enforcement, about 4,800 people in Alamance County are paying child support under a court order, an increase of about 800 cases from last year.

Further, about 61 percent of men who owe child support in the county are making some payment. But another 10 percent are in jail, while the rest can neither be located nor can they make payments for a variety of reasons, according to the enforcement agency.

For more information on child support and your rights in either Orange County, California or Los Angeles, California, contact a Santa Ana child support attorney.

Source: New group helps men pay child support