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Cleese California Divorce Highlights a Break-Up’s Long-Term Fallout

The British newspaper the Daily Mail reports that fallout is continuing from the high-profile California divorce of former Monty Python star John Cleese. Though Cleese and his now ex-wife Alyce are English they lived in California during their marriage and went through their divorce in the state.

Under California’s community property laws the couple agreed to a final settlement under which John Cleese reportedly owes his ex about $20 million. Among other things, she was awarded sole ownership of their Los Angeles-area home in the California divorce settlement. The newspaper reports that Alyce, having retained the Cleese name throughout the divorce proceedings, is now returning to the use of her former surname, Eichelberger. Considering that Britain’s tabloids long-ago took to calling her “Poison Alyce” that might not be especially surprising. John Cleese, meanwhile, has launched a stand-up comedy tour under the title “How to Pay for Your Divorce”.

According to media reports, the settlement in Cleese’s divorce (his third) was so large because he had not signed a pre-nuptial agreement prior to his marriage to Alyce. His situation highlights the importance of considering a pre-nup, especially for couples where one or both parties bring significant financial assets or unusually high earning power to the union.

A California marriage and family law attorney in Los Angeles County or Orange County can offer advice on pre-nuptial agreements and other family law matters tailored to your specific circumstances. If you are beginning divorce proceedings and there is no earlier agreement, an experienced Southern California divorce lawyer can advise on the best ways to protect your assets while negotiating a final settlement on your behalf.

Daily Mail: Poison Alyce is no longer Mrs. Cleese

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