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Daniel Baldwin files for Divorce after Wife threatened to kill him

The 50 year old older brother of Alex Baldwin, Daniel, has filed for divorce from his wife, Joanne Smith-Baldwin, after she threatened to kill him with a knife. What is even more damaging is that Daniel claims that she threatened him in front of their children. The parties’ young daughter, Avis, was quoted in a declaration as stating, “Is mommy going to kill us?”

In his court filed declaration, Baldwin lists additional several acts of violence that he faced at the hands of his wife, including punching and slapping. Daniel further alleges that his wife’s erratic and violent behavior is due to drugs and alcohol, a problem he himself has struggled with in the past.

“I have had my share of problems with drugs and alcohol many years ago and know first hand how difficult a position she is in,” he told TMZ.

Before filing for divorce last Wednesday, just two weeks shy of the couple’s fourth wedding anniversary, Baldwin filed a temporary restraining order against his wife.

The judge who issued the restraining order gave Baldwin temporary custody of their kids, Avis, and Finley, almost 2.

From an Orange County divorce lawyer’s perspective, domestic violence tactics such as that perpetrated by Daniel’s wife is never the answer. Acts of domestic violence have serious effects on child custody and visitation as evidenced in the case at bar wherein Daniel was awarded temporary custody of the children. We speculate that Joanne probably has no visitation with the custody or perhaps monitored visitation in light of her aggressive conduct. Unless a mutual agreement is reached, Joanne will have to fight tooth and nail to regain some custody rights with the kids. During a litigious divorce, children need both of their parents during this emotional and stressful time in their lives.

This is why hiring an experienced Orange County divorce lawyer is crucial to any divorce in Los Angeles or Orange County. Contact an Orange County divorce lawyer for further assistance.

Source: Daniel Baldwin files for divorce from wife; claims she threatened to kill him multiple times

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