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Dealing with Parental Alienation


How do you deal with parental alienation of your child knowing that the “other” parent is coaching the child to say and do things negatively against you. You know that the “other” parent is pitting the child against you and tell the child to tell you he/she doesn’t want to go visit you? This acts are just so heart breaking. It’s not only damaging to the parents’ relationship with the child but damaging to the child. Parental Alienation Syndrome (#PAS) is a common issue we face here in Orange County.

Here are some examples of parental alienation:

1- When the child expresses unjustified hatred or unreasonably dislike of one parent. Thus, making “access” by the rejected parent difficult to the child. This arises because the other parent makes negative comments or disparaging comments about the victimized parent.

2- The parent creating the negativity is referred to as the “toxic” parent.

3- When one parent insults the other parent in the presence of the child. Often the child will take on the pathology of the toxic parent and denigrate the victimized parent.

Parental Alienation is a often prevalent in child custody disputes in Orange County and Los Angeles. Further, often family law court judges will recognize this as a factor in determining the outcome of the child custody dispute. Often, the toxic parent will try to, as a form of retaliation, to separate the child from the victimized parent. The toxic parent will does this maliciously or unconsciously.

The founder of “parental alienation syndrome”, Richard Gardner states that there are several factors in parental alienation syndrome:

– Campaign of denigration and hatred against the weak parent.
– There is no “rationalization” for the toxic parent’s denigration of the victimized parent.
– The toxic parent believe they have a right to behave this way. They have no consciousness of guilt of what they are doing.
– The victimized parent is not only the target. It’s inclusive of extended family members.

Contact an experienced and aggressive Southern California child custody attorney if you have issues relating to parental alienation or parental alienation syndrome in Orange County or Los Angeles County.


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