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Debbie Rowe to assume guardian of Paris Jackson?

Will Debbie Rowe become guardian of her biological daughter Paris Jackson? Debbie Rowe as her daughter’s guardian is a real possibility today given the recent suicide attempt of the teen reports TMZ on June 10, 2013.

Apparently while Rowe has never attempted a guardianship of Paris, she is ready and willing to take over that role. Paris lives with her grandmother Katherine Jackson and shares joint custody with TJ Jackson, but TJ has a family of his own and lives a distance away from the house, so he’s far from being there full-time.

At Paris’s age the guardianship will hinge greatly on what she wants and sources say living with her biological mother is a very real possibility for the teen. Recently Paris has struck up an “intense relationship” with her mother, Debbie. After the suicide attempt of the teen last week, sources say Paris was crying out for help as she feels lost, she’s not very “connected” with her grandmother.

If the judge opens up the guardianship case, there’s a very good chance that Paris will ask to live with her biological mom and an even better chance that her mom will welcome this with open arms.

As for now, an investigation into the family home is taking place by the Child Services Department, ordered by the judge who wants the welfare of Paris Jackson probed. The outcome of this investigation, coupled with Paris’s wishes may just land her back in the arms of her mother, a place she may need to be today.

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Source: Debbie Rowe Guardian: She May be Paris Jackson’s Saving Grace

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