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Debra Messing and Husband Separate

Debra Messing and her husband, Daniel Zelman, have separated after approximately over 10 years of marriage. The couple allegedly split earlier this year and wed back on September 3, 2000. The couple have one son, Roman, age 7. Although the couple have announced their separation, they are still living in the same residence and have no immediate plans to divorce.

“In the short term, they plan on continuing to live together with their son, then gradually transition into a new living situation,” a rep for both Messing and Zelman tells US Weekly.

From an Orange County divorce lawyer’s perspective, if the parties decide to divorce, there will be issues relating to spousal support, child support, child custody and visitation issues.

If the marriage last over 10 years, it is a marriage of long duration and the recipient spouse would be entitled to spousal support for more than half of the length of the marriage. Additionally, the parties will have to work out a child custody and child visitation plan along with payment of child support. Generally speaking, child support is based on timeshare each party has with the child and each party’s gross monthly income.

Lastly, even though the couple is still living together, it does not mean that they have “not separated”. The date of separation for the couple will be based on the date each party thought that the marriage was completely over and there was no possibility of reconciliation.

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Source: Debra Messing and Husband: Separated, Still Living Together, “No Immediate Plans for Divorce.”

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