Deion and Pilar Sanders to share custody of children until divorce trial final

A court ruling issued today in the contentious divorce case between former Dallas Cowboy Deion Sanders and his estranged wife, Pilar Sanders, has the couple equally sharing custody of their three children in a week on/week off schedule.

The one-page order, issued by District Judge Ray Wheless, also gives Deion Sanders exclusive rights to determine the children’s primary residence, to make educational decisions about the children and to choose their athletic activities. All other rights will be shared equally.

The ruling is based on testimony at hearings earlier this month and in December as well as individual interviews that the judge conducted with each child. The orders will remain in effect until the final divorce trial, which is tentatively scheduled to start March 4.

Each parent had sought full custody of all three children. Testimony at earlier hearings revealed problems, confusion and unpredictability about the children’s schedules in recent months and which parent had possession.

The court also ruled that Deion Sanders would pay the legal fees for amicus attorney, Jeffery Shore, who is representing the interests of the couple’s three children, ages 9 to 12. Those fees total $108,000.

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Source: Deion, Pilar Sanders to share custody of children until divorce trial final