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Deion Sanders awarded Primary Physical Custody of Kids

A Collin County jury ruled Tuesday that Deion Sanders will get primary physical custody of his three children with estranged wife, Pilar.

It took the jury just one hour and 44 minutes to reach a decision.

The couple’s only daughter will get shared custody between Deion and Pilar; the two sons will go to the former Dallas Cowboys star.

This was not a unanimous decision. Eleven of the 12 jurors agreed to the custody arrangement.

Deion Sanders shook hands with his legal team after the decision was announced. Pilar sat with her team at a separate table.

Now the Judge will need to implement a custody schedule.

“In any war there will be casualties, but I didn’t want my children to be casualties,” Deion Sanders told reporters. “I’m just happy this part is over. I moved on privately a long time ago.”

There are still other issues to settle in the Sanders’ divorce case, including a ruling on a pre-nuptual agreement.

The jury’s verdict came just hours after closing arguments in the contentious child custody trial.

From an Orange County Divorce Lawyer’s perspective, what is interesting about this case is that in Texas, a jury determines the result of who should be awarded the kids. However, in California, its a Judge that decides that issue if the case were to go to trial.

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Source: Jury Decides Custody of Deion Sanders’ Children