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Deposition of Producer discredits Humphries’ Fraud Case

According to the depo transcript — obtained by Life & Style — when Kris proposed to Kim on The divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries seems to be never ending. After only 72 days of marriage, the divorce is taking longer than the actual marriage. Well, new details have arisen during the deposition of a producer from “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Indeed, a producer says Kim was “completely surprised” and didn’t give a good reaction to Kris’ marriage proposal. As a result, Kim asked that it be re-shot.

This new fact discredits Kris’ fraud case as follows:

1. Kris is alleging Kim fraudulently induced him to marry her. Because Kris proposed to Kim and she was completely surprised by the proposal, it means that there was no “fraud” to induce Kris to marry Kim.

2. Kris clearly knew Kim re-shot her reaction, and hence, there was no fraud.

In sum, Kris’ request for an annulment based on fraud is not going to hold muster in court. The easy way out of this is to simply dissolve the marriage and be done. I’m sure the parties’ are spending substantial attorney fees on this short-term marriage. It’s time to settle and be done.

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