Details of Emmy Rossum’s Divorce

Details surrounding the Los Angeles County divorce of Emmy Rossum have surfaced. There is not anything too dramatic but here is a run down of the details of their divorce Judgment:

1) Rossum to keep the Beverly Hills residence (she probably had enough money to buy him out or this is her separate property);
2) Rossum to keep her two production companies in her name;
3) Several bank accounts;
4) Trust account;

Rossum’s ex-husband, Justin Siegel, was awarded the following:

1) The Mercedes Benz vehicle;
2) His LLC company;
3) An $11,500 security deposit from a Coldwater Canyon residence;

As for an equalization payment (which means one party must pay another party some money in order to effectuate an equal division of community property), Rossum is to pay Siegel $57,500. Equalization payments are not considered income and are nontaxable.

Additionally, both parties agreed to waive the receipt of spousal support. This is typical in short-term marriages where you have similarly situated spouses.

As and for payment of attorney fees, both parties have agreed to pay for their own respective attorney fees and costs. From a legal standpoint, this leads me to believe that the parties are likely equally situated in terms of income.

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Source: Emmy Rossum’s Low-Budget Divorce: How Much Did Split Cost Her?