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Details of Morgan Freeman’s Divorce

Could Oscar winner, Morgan Freeman’s divorce result in one of the biggest payouts in divorce history? The National Enquirer is reporting that Morgan was forced to pay his ex-wife, Myrna, over $400 million in cash and real estate. It was back in July of 2008 that Morgan was outed by the National Enquirer for cheating on his wife with a former school teacher. At or about the same time, Morgan was purportedly having an affair with his 27 year old step-grand daughter.

Morgan’s divorce from Myrna was finalized in Mississippi on September 15, although the details were sealed from the public by a Tallahatchie County judge.

It was originally speculated that Myrna would receive a $170 million settlement, but a source says she got much more – a whopping $400 million. If its true, that would be the fifth-largest divorce payout ever.

From an Orange County divorce lawyer’s perspective, it is quite an expensive task to go through a divorce. It costs parties, thousands, if not, millions of dollars to end a marriage for a couple with substantial assets like the Freemans. The division of assets is not simple. Sometimes, if businesses are involved, forensic accounts will likely have to retained. Further, appraisers will have to be involved in the valuation of real property.

Regardless, if you are contemplating a divorce, consult an Orange County divorce lawyer for more information.

Source: Freeman Divorce Secrets

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