Dexter Stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter to Divorce

Dexter television stars, Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall, have decided to divorce. The characters who play brother and sister are reportedly ending their marriage after two years. Apparently, the couple have been separated for quite some time.

They couple wed on New Years Eve in 2009.

We have previously blogged about divorce and how to deal with the arduous process. To get the ball rolling, once one party decides they want to divorce the other party, a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage will have to be filed in the appropriate court. The Petition must then be personally served on the other party. Thereafter, the other party has 30 days to file a Response to the Dissolution of Marriage paperwork. From there, a slew of events can take place depending on if either party wants to petition the court for temporary orders such as child support, spousal support, child custody or visitation or property issues.

In order to discover information about the community estate, discovery procedures are then commenced. Preliminary Declarations of Disclosures are then exchanged. The dynamics of a case vary from one case to the other. If the other side is cooperative, the divorce will likely progress smoothly. In contrast, if the other side is bitter and uncooperative, things will likely get ugly.

At any rate, for more information on filing for divorce in Orange County or Los Angeles County, contact a reputable Orange County divorce attorney for more information.

Source: Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall of Dexter Divorcing