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Divorce Attorneys Use Texts, Facebook and GPS in Divorce Case

We previously blogged about the dangers of using Facebook during a divorce. Certainly, posting any “incriminating” evidence on your Facebook profile could come back to haunt you in a courtroom. For instance, think twice about posting photos that would hurt your credibility especially if a child custody matter is pending. Clearly, the use of the internet has become a great tool for lawyers who are in search for evidence to benefit their client and attack the other party.

Now, it turns out that lawyers are using text messages and GPS devices. In a case from Chicago, a wife used a GPS tracking device and placed it on her husband’s car to determine if he was really looking for a job in a spousal support proceeding. The husband was found to be spending his days with his girlfriend rather than looking for work. At the spousal support hearing, the wife prevailed.

As another example, people are always taking pictures with their cell phone cameras. In this example, the Husband would stay home and take care of the kids while the Wife purportedly went out with her “girlfriend.” Subsequently, the Husband received a text message with a photo attached showing a picture of a man leaning over, whispering in her ear with drinks in their hands. The Husband then posted the picture on Facebook.

So, you get the picture. Refrain from posting incriminating evidence on the internet if you don’t want it disseminated and coming back to haunt you in either a Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino County or Riverside County divorce proceeding. Contact an Orange County divorce attorney for more information.

Source: Divorce Lawyers Use Facebook, Texts, GPS in Cases

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