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Divorce and your Pet dog or cat

Costa Mesa Homes 001Who would have thought it would ever come to splitting up the family pet during a nasty divorce?  But times have changed and the family pet is now a hot commodity during a divorce proceeding. The family pet is the new hot topic of dispute for couples going through the most stressful time of your life. It used to be not too long ago Judges would only decide the custody of the children or how to divide proceeds of the sale of the house.  But now the Judge must decide who gets the dog or cat and to divide time amongst the parties just like sharing the children.  Pets are considered property as a couch or a stereo in the eyes of the law, however, nowadays the Court must take a more humane and difficult approach about how to divide the family pet.

Court must decide who is better suited to care for the dogs daily needs such as feeding, grooming, housing and sheltering the family pet. In the case of dogs who can better offer the dog interaction with other dogs and financially support the dogs needs.  The Court must consider who the pet is bonded to as they would a child.  Also the Court must look at who might have had the pet before the marriage.  In that case, the party who came into the marriage with the pet should be able to take the pet with them after the marriage.

There could be situations where the parties must use a alternate weekend option. In addition, the parties work schedule is an important issue.  Who is better suited to be home for the pet after work or during the daytime. It is in the dogs best interest often not to be driven too much back and forth from one party to the other.  The Court must decide who is better suited to maintain stability for the dog or cat.  The frequency of contact with the animal is vital as well.  It is important that the pet have adequate supervision at home and when someone is not home. A weekly back and forth schedule is ideal and offers the pet and both parties quality time with the pet.

The ASPCA states that 10% of all pets given away are a result of divorce. That is why there has to be a humane alternative of what to do with the family pet during a divorce. Pets are a vital part of the modern family and offer so many positive things to a person that they should never be considered to be given away during a divorce.  For children a dog is a great playmate and friend to interact with. During a divorce the family pet can the a constant form of companionship and friendship for a child during this difficult time.

For an adult pets can lower anxiety, cholesterol and alleviate anxiety.  That is why keeping the pet and trying to work out a plan to share the pet with each party is good for the parents, the children and the pet




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