Divorce Settlement: Tiki Barber too “broke” to pay settlement

From an Orange County Divorce perspective, it’s always interesting when people are involved in a divorce, they suddenly claim they are in a financial crisis and cannot afford to pay for anything. I’m not saying the decline in income is intentional but it certainly is coincidental. Turns out that Tiki Barber is now claiming that he cannot pay the divorce settlement owed to his ex-wife, Ginny Barber, after he was let go from NBC’s “Today” show.

Barber left his wife of 11 years, Ginny, for a 23-year old blond former NBC intern. Barber alleges that his career is in shambles and that he is in financial woes because his contract for NBC for $300,000 ended. Indeed, Barber has not been on the air in many months. However, it is reported that Barber’s contract was only formally terminated in May.

If you are presently engaged in a divorce, it is not a good idea to purposefully allege you are broke and are in a financial crisis if its really not the case. There are serious consequences for same. If you are in need of an Orange County divorce attorney, please contact a reputable family law attorney.

Source: ‘Broke’ Tiki Barber Can’t Afford Divorce Settlement After Alleged Affair With NBC Intern