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Divorcing Couple involved in Murder Suicide

We all know that the process of divorce can be a stressful process. Whether you are in California or Georgia or any other place in this world. However, at times, divorce is so stressful that it leads to death. In Fort Valley, Georgia, a divoring couple was involved in a murder suicide. It turns out that the husband decided Friday to murder his wife and then kill himself, while an adult daughter was present but not hurt.

James Wallace, 54, shot his wife, Annie Ruth Wallace, 54, twice in the neck and once in the head as she sat in front of her computer at their home in Georgia. Before turning the 9 millimeter pistol on himself, Wallace went to the bedroom where his adult daughter, Charidy Wallace, was laying in bed and he told her to leave the home.

The daughter told authorities that her father told her that “she needed to leave. He couldn’t take it anymore,”

The daughter told authorities she was sleeping when she heard what she now realizes were gunshots. She initially dismissed the sounds as she thought it was her mother dropping something. When the father came to the door and saw the pistol in his hand, the daughter realized what had happened. .The daughter left the home immediately, went to a neighbor’s home and dialed 911.

Clearly, Wallace has some psychological issues and murder is never the answer. There are ways to cope with divorce such as seeking therapy or consulting with your attorney. Believe it or not, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Divorces do not last forever and will eventually come to end.

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Source: Peach sherrif: Couple Murder Suicide in Midst of Divorce